Handling Inheritance Issues Is Difficult

Whether You are just starting the process, have been designated as the Personal Representative, or are an attorney looking for assistance for your clients, we can help.


No one should tell you that being a Personal Representative is easy and stress-free. You Will have tough decisions to make. Attorneys can help a lot but they don’t handle everything and we are here to help where they don’t. As inherited property specialists, we can help guide you through the overall process. Get you help when and where you need it. As experienced Real Estate Professionals, we will ensure that you are well-informed to make the best decisions for you and the Estate. If you want, we can even help with difficult conversations with family members or any other heirs. If you need the help of a very good Probate attorney, we can help you by recommending one whose good work we know will help you navigate the complicated waters of probate.

We will help you at every point that you have need and also help you avoid potential problems. You will still have decisions to make, but we are here as advisors so that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Do you need a Quick Sale of Real Estate Property for Top Dollar?

That is our primary goal and where our expertise is usually the most helpful. How to get you what you want. We will help you determine your primary objective or objectives.

We can help you with Real Estate in four different scenarios. We can help you get the house cleaned and updated for maximum full retail sale. With over 25 years as a licensed contractor, I have lots of connections to help get things done for you. If there is a financial difficulty towards that goal, we can refer you to a company that lends money for upgrades and then gets paid at the closing, so that no money is needed out of your pocket. If improving the property for top dollar is not your choice, we can help get it cleaned out and cleaned up for a quick sale. Or, if an even quicker sale is desired, we can provide immediate cash buyers from our list of qualified buyers. This can allow a surviving spouse to move into a better location, help with medical or other bills, or to get money into the hands of the heirs as quickly as possible.

We also have great connections for an Estate sale, for antiques or collectibles, or other personal property from the estate that you may want to sell.


You will like what we can do to help you and your client. As you know, the attorney of record typically has one of two roles. You are either appointed by the court or you are chosen by the family or expected Personal Representative. If you were appointed by the court, then your role is traditionally focused strictly on the legal issues regarding any transactions and the distribution of any assets. But if you were chosen by the family or appointed spokesperson, your role will usually encompass an advisory capacity as well. In either situation, we will keep you well-informed about any aspect of the process in which we are assisting. And especially when that is regarding the real estate sale.

In some cases, the family or Personal Representative, will want ALL aspects of the inheritance process handled by the attorney. In such cases, we work with you as “the client” in regard to any real estate and serve your needs just as we would for the family or Personal Representative.

We focus on the unique area of Real Estate for inheritance cases because it allows us to serve people in need during a difficult time of loss and stress. Because this is our niche, we can better serve you and your clients than a traditional agent who is unfamiliar, and thereby, less able to be of overall service. We are constantly and consistently focused on one thing. Helping serve people where they need help in the Probate process. If you would like some general information, just email us. If you are thinking that you may need to file probate and have questions, please review our list of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. If we can be of service to you or your clients, please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email us at the Contact information below.